The Holloway machine

The first helical escalator to be fully realized was build in 1906. Jesse Reno lead his “Reno Electric Stairways and Conveyors” company to build the machine for the opening of the Holloway Road station, London. The machine was built with two helices to carry passengers in both directions. It was an early “cleat-type” escalator where Passenger’s feet tilted slightly upward. Erected in a disused elevator shaft, It was the first escalator ever built for public use in an underground station.
Several thousand people rode the machine on the celebrated opening day. Unfortunately it was also the only day it operated. For safety reasons the machine was never certified for the public use. It was partly dismantled in 1911 and remained forgotten until it’s rediscovery in 1988.

Courtesy of London Transport Museum - Tim Shields Image – Tim Shields, London Transport Museum


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