Helical escalators and underground stations

Many cities around the world confront problems with their old underground transportation
systems. Some of these systems are centuries old and require urgent modernization to
withstand the updated demands and standards.

Stations equipped solely with elevators exist in many of these systems, these are typically
wide elevators moving slowly between the station levels, passengers are forced to wait long
times and the general capacity of the station is heavily effected.

Geometry of helical escalator compare to regular escalator

Applying helical escalators into these existing stations is an ideal solution to increase their
capacity and safety. There are no additional costs due to the usage of the existing elevator
shafts and the original architecture of the station.

Newly built station requires to have at least one elevator shaft for disabled passengers. In this case the usage of helical escalators requires only to widen the elevator shaft in order to accommodate escalators and elevators within it.

Helixator shaft arrangement with two machines and one elevator


About Michel

Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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