Helixator and the Vertical city

The Helixator technology presents a new approach for dealing with the growing need to move people within the massive new buildings being planned today worldwide. These buildings, sometimes referred as “vertical cities” or “hyper buildings”, are multipurpose buildings including working spaces and residential units for tens of thousand of people, enjoying retail facilities, museums, hotels and cinemas at the same place.

Crystal Island, Moscow (RU) by Foster and partners – The largest planned building in the world.

Architects and city planners are trying to figure out how to create these buildings and still maintain the freedom of movement to all building users at all times. Unfortunately the current available vertical transportation technologies are obsolete to those new buildings, and using them will create severe bottlenecks. Using a combination of Helixators and elevators in these building would allow architects to plan exceptionally large buildings and to open the era of vertical cities for the 21st century.

Miami’s planned vertical city with 5 Helixator machines (left) , High speed Helixator boarding segments (center) and the planned Dubai city tower (right).

About Michel

Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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