The Helixator potential benefits for a better urban life economic and social effects

The Helixator is a transportation device that adapted to the urban revolution of the 21st century. Increasing the urban density build up area while reducing the amount of private cars in the city, creating an enormous advantage to the municipal authorities and the challenge of mass transport. Helixator meets this challenge by enabling mobile masses of pedestrians in three dimensions in continues flow while maximizing the efficiency and the economy activity of the municipal system.

Time square New York. The Helixator increases the efficiency of urban transportation by allowing pedestrians to cross the street above traffic while eliminating waiting time and interferences

Read full paper by : Guy Ronen,Urban planner graduated (MURP) of the Technion; Israel Institute of Technology. Multiple disciplines knowledgeable in the field of urban planning, urban economy and transportation.

Helixator- economic and social effects. pdf

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Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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