More about the High speed Helixators

The high speed Helixator is a combination of emerging technologies and existing inventions into a machine for continuous vertical transport.
The Helixator technology is flexible to the point it can be developed with any of the several existing acceleration methods, the figures presented in the next paragraph emerge from those machines statistics. People boarding the High speed Helixator would travel at an estimated speed of 12 km/h (vertical speed 1m/sec) crossing a floor every 5 seconds and a twenty story building in just a minute and a half.
It has an estimated capacity of 14,500 p.p.h in every direction and there is no waiting time as in elevators. When applying the high speed Helixator to large buildings, in a transfer lobby manner, it reduces the number of elevators needed, the total capacity of travelers rises and floor space is gained.

High speed Helixator boarding segments

The scheme of the high speed Helixator is in fact the final sum of a complex mathematical equation consisting all factors involved in traveling upon a machine of this kind. The travelers trajectory upon the machine is a unique three-dimensional form summing all forces applied on travelers in order not to exceed acceptable accelerations and to achieve maximum safety.

Determining and constructing the machines form was a unique challenge in the development of the High speed Helixator geometry. The form chosen eventually was built from two of its derivative; at first a spiral determined by the maximum acceptable side acceleration that was later projected on a hyperbolic rotation which corresponded with the desired vertical acceleration rate. The combination of the two forms created a third form which sums the dynamic properties of traveling upon this machine and present a new kind of movement for our contemporary world.

This model hight is 100 meter, carrying 28,000 people per hour in every direction.

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Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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8 Responses to More about the High speed Helixators

  1. Henrik says:

    I’ve been following this very inspiring blog for a while now for my bachelor thesis project.

    I was wondering how horizontal g-forces are countered when going up a spiral like that in 12km/h.
    And isn’t it a very big disadvantage that boarding is only possible at the bottom and top of the structure, compared to an elevator or a slower moving helixator with openings on every floor?

    Best regards,

  2. J.S. Colley says:

    Couldn’t you have cicular on and exit ramps for the different floors? Like merging into traffic on an expressway? The ramps would slow down and allow easy embarking and disembarking.

  3. Mike says:

    How does it sustain it’s own weight?

  4. I also have an idea of gravity train .This comes into the sway of ropeway gravity train .Please tell me that where can I get it practically made? Are there any such technology development forums which help out in developing it out? I am from Pakistan.At least that concept can be used as first ever ropeway public transport system , longest chairlift system ,first ever ropeway ambulance service for cities with track record of sever traffick jams.Please anybody let me know who can practically help me in getting this concept convert into concrete form.?

    • Michel says:

      This is exactly what i do, i can consult you about it.
      Such technologies exist and can be adapted to the system your suggesting.
      Is it for Urban areas? Karachi? i´d love to help with this.

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