Helixator prototype underway

Helixator’s CTO – Michel David, have presented the background study for the Helixator technology development at the design modelling symposium Berlin, where it was warmly accepted by attending academia engineers and architects.

” There is a general agreement that such technologies are an important key for successful urbanization and stronger urban economies. The company is proud to stand in the forefront of contemporary escalator technology” said Michel.

DMSB_2013_Michel David_013_credit

The company currently plans to build a fully operational prototype leading the technology to the next milestone on the way to full realization.

About Michel

Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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1 Response to Helixator prototype underway

  1. Ramesh Kompella says:

    About the “Flying Cars to come soon” Dear class mate.. Just an year ago I did Industrial Pollution course in TU-Berlin” of course it was English course and did it just OK. Sure I learned so much in the subject starting from the third world pollution creation etc. And The Environment already being polluted in the air and creating Catastrophe against the Natural protecting Layers of the Natural shields around the earth and with the Flying cars directly going above and emissions getting directly reaching there don’t we have to think about how fast the Environment gets polluted.. or just we have to only concern about out comfort ?

    On the Other Hand Michael (not only to himself but readers too) We Humans did invent technology sure , we quickly lost in the comforts it gave us and giving us until today. Looking from the far end we small percentage of people (Educated, In the Enlivenment and in the business etc…People) hardly think twice about the large scale affect it has on the next percentage of People, Peasants, Villages and most Natural environments in the world. Shall we now have to think that if we do something Big in the world it affects the whole world for the Environment is all around and we can’t control Air and gases around ?

    In my that offhand English Course at TU-Berlin I gave a statement “Earth as such as one single living being is like a Womb which is protecting its whole life creatures on it and the protecting the whole Living beings from and thru many a layers that would other wise penetrate from space and would destroy !. Once such layer as the Modern Science named as “OZONE LAYER” !

    If Ozone is one such layer who knows what other layers we do not yet know for it is a creation of millions of years and every step was taken care of to sustain this life on this earth.

    Sure David flying cars can be a sure comfort for humans, but do we have the same non-polluting fuels yet with us ? And in many developing worlds people are still using Kerosene etc for normal vehicles for cheap availability and for profit !

    Please think twice and again before pushing the technology on to this world Engineers. and you to David !

    This world as a womb is so much in perfection since many millions of years may be ! We,just out of curiosity, and worse just out of of out personal Benefit and personal Advantage let us not make it get curious and fast faring benefits and destroy it please !

    Similar front lines of things are happening on Medicine too and worse in Psychiatry and reached almost pinnacle !

    Where we HUMANS have to stop and look Back and think ?? Just a point.. are we Humans not seeking the same Night sleep and at least for 6 Hours that nature has set ? Are we still not dependent on the very Nature for food or else killing fellow creatures and making food ?

    What Nature has not offered us ? IT did give everything, and in every nook and corner of teh villages and small places around the world still the Life is same and very purely nature dependent. E.g. in south Eastern Europe people live for 120 years etc just being living so naturally !

    How much I have written here directly is connected with Flying cars ?? <ay be not much but there is stream that we can think thru ! We Humans we only can think cause we only do big changes in the world. NO ANIMAL not any creature did not do any artificial thing in this world and they all live in their natural laws set and had it been not we could not have been so much as we are today. OH No, I am not pushing the thought to spiritual side, but being have brains and having so many philanthropically minds and power to change and so many religious still speaking their same things in books can't we do that ?

    Where we HUMANS heading and looking for what and what eagerness ?

    Think David.. I sure would say I enjoyed your company in the class MMS, TU-Berlin Germany !

    P.S: Watch The last Wild SALMON on Water Visions David and quickly think of your work to know the contrast !

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