Visit to Shanghai´s spiral escalator

A lot has been written about the Shanghai spiral escalator, here are my 50 cents…

As the first of its kind, this escalator arrangement is breath taking, it is a remarkable feature in the overall design of the mall.




It is arrange in two coulombs of six 160 Deg. spiral machines, all leading upwards. There are two additional coulombs of strait escalators behind the spiral ones leading costumers downward, and an impressive bank of glass elevators. Totaling 24 escalators and 6 elevators servicing the main atrium.


Typically to shopping centers, the escalators moves slowly, and the riding experience is not as thrilling as one might expect.


All in all the spatial experience is great and the design of both the escalators and elevator is highly luxurious, details are well thought and executed, particularly the elevator’s curved corners glass car.


Once again, well done! Shanghai rocks!


About Michel

Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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