Riding the Shanghai MAGLEV

MAGLEV´s are amazing! it will always remain a mystery to me why these systems are not yet widespread, considering their many advantages and overall futuristic essence.


I was lucky to pay a visit to the Shanghai MAGLEV,  riding it several times to get a better feel of this wonderful technology. Here are some of my photos and remarks:


The technology was developed for over 30 years by a German joint venture going under the name “Transrapid”. The Shanghai MAGLEV started operating in 2004 and was the only installation the company ever made not including test tracks. Transpired was dissolved in 2010.

The Shanghai machine is an engineering marvel. With a top speed of 431 Km/h the riding quality remains very smooth, and the overall experience is thrilling. The most exiting part is when the two trains running opposite direction pass by each other! its phenomenal !




Next time your in Shanghai don’t forget to ride the ancestor of future trains.

About Michel

Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator
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  1. next time YOU’RE in Shanghai…

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