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Researcher and developer of transportation technologies CTO of Helixator

My search for the self driving car_E01

I’ve being following the development of self driving cars from early stages (see:Inside the google self driving car). Getting the vibe from the media, one could think they are readily available for anyone to use. In summer 2016, I’ve set on a quest … Continue reading

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Riding the Shanghai MAGLEV

MAGLEV´s are amazing! it will always remain a mystery to me why these systems are not yet widespread, considering their many advantages and overall futuristic essence. I was lucky to pay a visit to the Shanghai MAGLEV,  riding it several … Continue reading

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Visit to Shanghai´s spiral escalator

A lot has been written about the Shanghai spiral escalator, here are my 50 cents… As the first of its kind, this escalator arrangement is breath taking, it is a remarkable feature in the overall design of the mall.   … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Strikes again

An impressive revival of the Mitsubishi spiral escalator product was announced last month in a Shanghai shopping mall. This impressive 12 machine setup stands as the largest spiral escalator arrangement in the world to date. like so many other things coming from China, it lacks … Continue reading

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Helixator prototype underway

Helixator’s CTO – Michel David, have presented the background study for the Helixator technology development at the design modelling symposium Berlin, where it was warmly accepted by attending academia engineers and architects. ” There is a general agreement that such technologies … Continue reading

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PROTOTYPING HELIXATOR – Engineering a myth

Lecture at the Design Modelling Symposium Berlin (DMSB) 2013, Universität der Künste (UDK) Berlin, Germany.  Monday, 30 September, 14:00 

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Helical Escalators and Moving Walkways

Read full paper as presented by Michel David at ELEVCON 2010, The conference of the International association of elevator engineers (IAEE), Lucerne, Switzerland. Download 3D PDF here (or click image)

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Riding Heathrow’s PRT

Personal Rapid Transit systems have been built around the world since the early 1960’s. In their essence they are designed to solve complex local transportation problems. Many PRT’s system designs exist, and differ in all major subsystems including car designs, rails structures … Continue reading

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Inside the Google self driving car (video)

This video is a part of an ongoing search for new and exiting technologies for the transportation systems of the future. It was taken at Singularity University campus (NASA Ames) during the graduate summer program (GSP) 2012.  

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“The Flying Car is near”

“The Idea of a Flying car is not new; ever since we have developed airplanes and cars, people tried to combine them into one coherent vehicle that will take us from place to place”. Watch the “Flying Car is near” presentation as presented by … Continue reading

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